What makes me really mad!

opinion Mar 02, 2021
what makes me really bad
I have held my tongue, but now I have to say something.
Over the last few years since the economic meltdown, I have continued to listen to career coaches and others blame the issue of not getting a job on the job seeker.
Give me a break.
I would like to see all these so-called know-it-alls try and get a job.  When was the last time they tried, I bet it was before 2008.  How can you blame the job seeker and say just get over yourself and change your negative attitude into a positive one and miraculously you will get that job of your dreams.  As I say, when was the last time, they ACTUALLY tried to get a job.

Recruiters are the same, in some cases.  It isn’t hard to set yourself up as a placement company.  As a large number of them are only paid when they place someone, or on contingency as the industry calls it., any internal recruiter who has a placement budget will allow any firm to present candidates.  These recruiters are also blaming the job seekers.

Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes before throwing around the blame.

Now I am not saying having a positive attitude isn’t important, because it is, but seriously it is hard out there with the number of people looking for work being at an all-time high. Give these guys a break.  Don’t coddle them or allow them to play the victim card, but don’t tell them that it is just them as if you haven’t tried to get a job and I mean really tried to get a job because you really need one, don’t say you understand, because you simply don’t have a clue.