As a growing company we are always looking for people who might be the next great addition to our team - maybe not today, but maybe in the not to distance future. We would love to chat and start the conversation.

Please email us at [email protected] including a video introduction of not more than 2 minutes, letting us know why you want to join our journey. Be assured we will respond to every email (that includes a video) with a personal touch - we do not use automated response systems for engaging with job seekers. Practice what you preach is our motto.

Find out exactly what makes us who we are.


We are a woman-owned business and some say this can make a very successful company – see research that shows that having women in C-level roles increases net profit.

Another thing that make companies successful is diversity, both in race and gender harmony. We have both male and females and are multinational in our team.

The modern organization structure is evolving to meet the next generation. A shared or distributed leadership structure caters for a high-performance culture by allowing individuals to do what they are good at and minimizing the need to do things they are not able to excel at.

We all spend considerable amounts of time in the pursuit of career goals and so we encourage individuals to obtain these goals, whether with Jobz Cafe or any other company.

We don’t own employees; rather we are custodians for whatever length of time employees are with us.


A large part of our business is marketing and creating the buzz to let the community know who we are and what we do – Are you good at telling the story?


Can you code, or do you think that research, design, and development are parts of your genius?  


Have you worked in a staffing agency or been an independent executive recruiter who would like to team up and change the outdated retained search and contingency model?


Are you great at organization, strategy, and planning – getting the business to run smoothly?  Do you excel with the details and making things happen?

We want to hear from you