We know the feeling.

Recruiters often have 1,000 or more resumes and applications to wade through for each open job post.  It isn't any wonder why you don't get seen.

We have a better way.

Jobz Cafe gives you the place to be seen and heard.

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We created a place where job seekers and recruiters can meet!

 We know EVERY professional can get linked in with EVERY other professional.

We wanted to create a place that is just for job seekers and recruiters. A community dedicated to the needs of these members.  Other online professional networking communities have morphed into platforms more focused on companies and salespeople and selling.  We know recruiters use them to find candidates and they have their place, but we believe we can do better.



To make Jobz Cafe as valuable as it can be, we curate all our job seekers so you present the best authentic version of yourself.

Looking for the ideal job is very much like dating. You put your best foot forward first to see if there is a match before you tell your complete life story.

Often when looking for a job, we are in the unfortunate position sometimes of not having one, so we can appear a little desperate.

Stalking recruiters on LinkedIN when you need a job is not a sound strategy.

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Job seekers focus on what they have done, the skills they have acquired and forget that finding that ideal job is as much about looking forward as it is looking back.  It is as much about you interviewing the company as the company interviewing you.

We want you to know about your next company and job before you ever need it.

Connect, Chat, Control the Conversation

It all begins with a connection, then the conversation which should be more like a chat between colleagues than an interview.

Next comes the ability to control the message and this is for both job seekers and recruiters.

We have our 3C MethodTM that gets job seekers to recruiters faster.


Outside divorce and death, losing your job and looking for a new one, is one of the great causes of stress and the age of COVID19 has just amplified the situation.

We make looking for a job suck less!