We know the feeling.

Being a recruiter is hard sometimes. Someone resigns and gives notice or is asked to leave that day if going to a competitor or is fired and you have the same result. 

Two weeks' notice to get someone new! Impossible.

We have a better way.

Jobz Cafe gives you the place to be find candidates quickly.

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We created a place where recruiters and job seekers can meet!

 We know EVERY professional can get linked in with EVERY other professional.

We wanted to create a place that is just for recruiters and job seekers. A community dedicated to the needs of these members.  Other online professional networking communities have morphed into platforms more focused on companies and salespeople and selling.  We know recruiters use them to find candidates and they have their place, but we believe we can do better.



Recruiters need to build their pipeline of quality candidates before anyone resigns or is fired.  The best recruiters understand this and take steps to understand the landscape of their organization and identify key turnover roles to focus on.

Research conducted by Harvard University, the Carnegie Foundation, and Stanford Research Center all agree that 85% of an employee's success comes from soft skills, not the hard skills so often listed on resumes.

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To get candidates that will provide the most success for the company, recruiters (and more importantly the hiring managers as their perspective often drives recruiting behavior) need to use a different lens for finding that next great hire.

To make Jobz Cafe as valuable as it can be to recruiters, we curate all our job seekers so they present the best authentic version of themselves.