Jobz Cafe is more than a business endeavor, it is a community of people who believe the workplace can and should be different from what it is in many companies today. Work is a natural way for human beings to feel they contribute to a social endeavor larger than themselves. From looking after our own small family unit to the larger community, we all strive for how we can contribute.

This fundamental has been somewhat obscured by the financial reality we now live in, nonetheless, we still strive to find something we are good at and hopefully get paid to do it, while still having personal pursuits that create our overall sense of well-being.

Maybe a road less travelled by some, but we think it is a road worth travelling.


What my resume would say . . .

Bronwyn OShea has a Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology and a Masters in Entrepreneurship & Innovation. With 20+ years of in-house HR/recruiting and external HR/recruiting consulting, certified in behavioral profiling and NLP, over 30 years in IT and software development, past president of the National Human Resources Association – LA, she is a rare breed who bridges software product development, IT, sales, operations and finance, and who understands that people combined with systems are the key to organizational success.

She has recruited for the second largest casino in Las Vegas, coached hiring managers across all disciplines, and conducted over 1,000 interviews from entry-level to senior-level roles. 

She has a personal commitment to veterans, active military personnel, and their spouses, as she joined the Australian Army Reserves as a medic when she was 28 and understands that freedom is not free.

She is committed to helping people find the job they love to do, whatever that might look like, so they can love doing it.

It would go on to list all the places I have worked and the titles that I had at the various companies and would be modified depending upon the job that was posted.  I have at least 5 different versions of my resume as I have been in the workforce for more than a minute and so have had a variety of roles, some that make sense at first glance and some that don't. 

For example, you would think my background is in HR and you would be right, but over the course of my career, I have been a CFO, a technical trainer, the head of IT for a cable network, and done a stint in preparing the transcripts when parliament was in session for 27 hours.  That was a long day!

And my work experience doesn't end there.


CEO & Founder


It started when I was a child, the youngest of 7 and being told by my parents and older siblings, that children should be seen and not heard, sound familiar to anyone?

It occurred to me, that sending a resume or applying online is much like this.  You never know if you have been seen or heard and simply must wait to hear back.

I knew that a considerable number of jobs are filled with referrals (as I have been in recruiting for nearly 20 years and I also had been referred to every job I had), but what I also knew is that most jobseekers only start networking when they need a job, they have either been fired and are unemployed or they are simply unhappy and want to leave.

Stalking recruiters on LinkedIn when you need a job is not a smart strategy.

Getting people doing what they love to do and getting compensated well for it, is my life’s work.  Whether it is being an employee and there is nothing wrong with that or being an entrepreneur and starting the next new business.

I believe the resume only tells in some cases less than half the story and some of us are not great storytellers and so fall short when we must rely on a piece of paper to tell the story for us.

Jobz Cafe gives me the platform to fundamentally change the perception of work, how people are recruited, how they are treated while employees, and how they are compensated for the work they do.

I believe job should not stand for ‘just over broke’ but ‘join or beliefs’.

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