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Get on our waitlist and be one of the first invited into Jobz Cafe when we open our doors in April 2021.  We know that looking for a job sucks and so we have created a better way and want you to be part of it.  If you are an individual looking for a job or a recruiter looking for a great candidate, we got you BOTH covered!

Our Why

We believe that everyone wants to be part of something bigger than themselves and be valued and respected while contributing to it.

Our How

We will be launching a platform like no other. Think Tinder meets up with LinkedIn and goes to lunch with Glassdoor.

Where You Fit In

We are looking for job seekers and recruiters who want to change the conversation around getting a job.

Our Longer Why

Recruiters ghost candidates and candidates have started to ghost recruiters. We recognized there is a problem with the whole recruiting process.

Many job sites have FAKE profiles and you don’t know who you are really speaking with.

We hold recruiters and candidates accountable. Our aim is to make connections between recruiters and job seekers and get people to work.

There is a need for fairer, transparent recruiting, and Jobz Cafe is developing a community-based ecosystem that will deliver this and more. We have analyzed the problems and identified solutions that will encourage a shift in the thinking about the way job seekers spend their time looking for their next opportunity, and the way recruiters find their next great hire.

Outside divorce and death, losing your job and looking for a new one, is one of the great causes of stress and the age of COVID19 has just amplified the situation.

We make looking for a job suck less!

Founder Story

Bronwyn OShea has a Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology and a Masters in Entrepreneurship & Innovation. With 20+ years of in-house HR/recruiting and external HR/recruiting consulting, certified in behavioral profiling and NLP, over 30 years in IT and software development, past president of the National Human Resources Association – LA, she is a rare breed who bridges software product development, IT, sales, operations and finance, and who understands that people combined with systems are the key to organizational success.

She has recruited for the second largest casino in Las Vegas, coached hiring managers across all disciplines, and conducted over 1,000 interviews from entry-level to senior level roles. 

She has a personal commitment to veterans, active military personnel, and their spouses, as she joined the Australian Army Reserves as a medic when she was 28 and understands that freedom is not free.

She is committed to helping people find the job they love to do, whatever that might look like, so they can love doing it.

Come on in

We know the best way to get a job is to build relationships with recruiters before you need them. That's why we created Jobz Cafe. In the next few weeks, we will be opening our doors via invitation only so we can make sure we take care of everyone. We would love for you to be one of the first people to receive an invitation.

We want to hear from you!